Midia NINJA launches news platform with Oximity

Media activist network brings together collaborators from Brazil and abroad: https://ninja.oximity.com/. Covering a wide range of issues, from the struggles of indigenous Amazonian tribes to forced evictions in favelas in urban centers, the new MidiaNINJA portal is a content production and dissemination hub that exposes and broadens the debate on issues scarcely covered by traditional media. It is made possible through the writings of hundreds of activist groups from Brazil and Latin America. In addition to mobilizing a new generation of media activists and journalists, the platform democratizes publication of information, giving voices to multimedia savvy citizens who present their own version of facts. Subjects, narrators and audience blend together, writing and reading news and creating a new reality much closer to the truth. A year after June 2013 protests, the world turns its eyes towards Brazil again. This time the attention will be divided between what happens in football stadiums and the movements outside them: the social struggles around the biggest sporting event on earth. It is within this context that the MidiaNINJA portal goes live. Developed in partnership with the global news platform Oximity (https://www.oximity.com/), MidiaNINJA presents a new network, capable of aggregating articles, essays, videos and photos produced and shared collaboratively by its users. It is a solution that goes far beyond Facebook, expanding the limits of journalism. The platform also facilitates sustainability for this new paradigm for journalism by allowing users to receive and make donations, helping production of content and news reports. In addition to live coverage of events, media activism and journalism, the new platform facilitates publication and distribution of text, images and video content in the areas of politics, arts, culture and society. OXIMITY Oximity is a global news platform that is entirely powered by its users. It collects news directly from the source, facilitates curation by its users, and distributes the news content across the internet. By allowing users instead of editors and publishers to set the agenda, it allows important news that society cares about to bubble up. Additionally, it significantly enhances the quality of news reporting, since the content is written directly by the source, who has the most knowledge about the subject matter being reported. Oximity is partnering with various user generated news networks worldwide to create one large network of self-empowered news writers and readers. The Oximity network already brings together independent news writers and networks from over 55 countries, including organizations like GlobalVoices (http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/11/21/reengineer-the-news-global-voices-partners-with-oximity/), RisingVoices (http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/blog/2014/01/17/news-from-the-source-rising-voices-republication-on-oximity/), VideoVolunteers (http://www.videovolunteers.org/release-vv-plus-oximity/), renowned social justice film producers like BraveNewFilms (https://www.oximity.com/org/Brave-New-Films-2), and international celebrity human rights campaigners like Bianca Jagger (https://www.oximity.com/user/Bianca-Jagger-1). It now offers its experience for building a new paradigm for journalism in Brazil. Oximity also signficantly lowers language and cultural barriers - it already has readers from 210 countries, and supports 180 languages for reading and writing news. It facilitates automatic as well as manual translation, allowing for discovery and distribution of news content traditionally isolated in different regions and cultures. NINJA NINJA – a Portuguese acronym for Independent Narratives, Journalism and Action – emerged from over 15 years of independent media activities in Brazil. In a country as large as Brazil, it became important to give visibility to new aesthetics, ideologies and politics that arose in small towns and villages far away from the big cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo - this is the origin of the term 'off-axis'. Among the movements that inspired the creation of Fora do Eixo (Off-Axis) and the beginning of the independent media project were the important phenomenon of community radio, a collective called Intervozes focused on democratization of communication in Brazil, and Pontos de Cultura (Culture Hubs) - a network of collectives that emerged during the time of Gilberto Gil as Minister of Culture in Brazil from 2003-8. These experiences generated a favorable environment and social technologies needed for the emergence of media activism that seeks to empower multimedia savvy citizens. In June 2013, when street protests drew widespread attention to Brazil, members of NINJA were in the streets along with hundreds of activist groups, and gained legitimacy as a powerful source of independent media content. The masses, beyond the 20 cents increase in bus fares, were campaigning for basic human dignity and democracy. They could not identify themselves with the coverage of these protests that they saw in the traditional media outlets, filmed mostly from helicopters. Live streaming and images transmitted through social networks made it possible to communicate the resentment and disillusionment seen among the protestors on the streets. While the traditional national media criminalized the protests, international media celebrated the power of narratives emerging from the NINJA network, thus exposing the limits of the national traditional media. As a consequence of its experience in activist journalism, NINJA became an important alternative news source not only to national news readers and independent media, but also to established international news outlets like The Guardian, The Observer, New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde Diplomatique, The Independent, El País, Japan Times and Al Jazeera. These news outlets came to rely upon NINJA for new perspectives and analysis of events. GET TO KNOW THE NEW PORTAL VISUAL Leverages the power of photojournalism and design in the network, it is an image platform capable of presenting daily news and illustrate breaking news from a radical imagery perspective. COLLABORATIVE Independent journalists, activists and groups can create their own profiles and generate content without any filters or restrictions. Content can be signed individually or on behalf of a network or organizatoin. All content produced by NINJA is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, and can therefore be shared as long as the source is mentioned. MULTI CULTURAL The platform offers an embedded system of manual translation in 180 languages, allowing publication and distributtion of translated content by hundreds of collaborators. Beyond the manual translation, automatic translation allows readers to access content across 42 languages. EXPLANATORY Frequently asked questions about MidiaNINJA Media, discussed widely in Brazilian universities, media outlets and social networks are answered on the site.. SUSTAINABLE This new type of journalism has no advertisements. The MidiaNINJA platform allows for direct donations from users, which is used for financing both the portal and specific news stories. - CONTACT Mídia NINJA: midianinja@gmail.com | | +55 (21) 2541.5324 | | +55 (11) 9.9140.0567 Oximity: info@oximity.com | | +44 7900 697733